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  • Information Extraction

    Make sense of your textual data

  • Custom made NLP services

    To suit your precise needs

    Text Analysis
    Semantic Analysis
    Machine Learning
    Information Retrieval

Understand your Big documents

Extend the information contained within your documents by adding a structured knowledge backbone, enriching it by identifying entities and connecting the dots.

Automate data-driven reasoning

Put your content to work in favour of your bussiness by creating applications driven by the underlying data and make intelligent decisions.

Understand your customers

Read between the lines and capture opinions and sentiments, transform comments and reviews into knowledge fountains for web communication and successful interaction with customers.

Keep it going


Stir your customers interest by being one step ahead in understanding their choices, anticipating and making strong recommandations.


Riskview Inc.

Policy analysis tool with management features for organizations. PolicyCrunch uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to devour large number of policy documents, identify overlaps and contradictions, and help you write clean and simple policies


Riskview Inc.

Riskview is a well respected consulting firm in Toronto working with big companies like IBM, KPMG, major banks and telecoms. Our focus also overlap: Big Data, NLP, Unstructured Data.

AssistMyCase Inc.

"Semantickle’s capabilities to extract specific data from a document using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is what my company’s first product is built upon!

Their ability to use parsers, recognize and reconcile parts of speech, and output in an executable, repeatable manner is exceptional.

They have been a pleasure to work with as they have worked with AssistMyCase throughout our product definition. I would highly recommend."

Jawad Ansari, CEO AssistMyCase


Semantickle team is very passionate about Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our experience and technology includes advanced NLP tasks like:

  • Semantic Analysis
  • Topic Modeling – LDA, LSI
  • Information Extraction: Entities, Relations
  • Sentiment Analysis/Opinion Mining
  • Document Classification
  • Recommendation engines based on textual data
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Spinning, rewriting content
NLP tools we usually work with: NLTK, TextBlob, Pattern, Gensim

Semantickle team uses Machine Learning to develop complex and intelligent applications. We integrate these technologies to achieve tasks such:

  • Prediction
  • Recommendations
  • Natural Language Processing

Machine learning can be used along with Big Data platforms (Hadoop, MongoDB) to make sense of valuable business intelligence data.

Machine Learning related tools we usually work with: Scikit-learn, Gensim, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Apache Mahout

Data visualization: matplotlib, D3.js, Neo4J

Semantickle develops complete web application development with integrated NLP, Machine Learning components. If you are a startup looking for a team to develop your ideas and create a MVP or you are a corporation that wants to extend their existing business intelligence tools, than this is the perfect place.

Semantickle loves the Django Frameworkthe framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

We integrate NLP and machine learning components with Django and develop complex web applications.

Some related technologies: MongoDB, Lucene, Celery, Redis

Research is the second nature of Semantickle. We love doing research and we believe that this is the only way to stay one step ahead. Artificial intelligence is a dynamic and fast changing field, so being up to date with the latest research topics is essential. Developing AI system itself requires a lot of research, because in most cases there are no recipes that provide the best results guaranteed.

We have connections with several universities and we love to collaborate with the academic environment. If you want to take a novel approach straight from the Academia and apply it to your project then this is the place to be. Some of our preferred research topics include:

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Natural Language Processing and Understanding


Experienced team of young engineers eager to face new challenges and create intelligent software.


AI Specialist


AI Specialist


AI Specialist